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Saying goodbye

The decision to say goodbye is never easy. With the support of our team, you will never have to make it alone.

We promise to make your goodbye as easy and as comfortable as possible for you, your pet, and your family. Our compassionate team will guide and let you know your options including cremation services. Please call us on 01 6237044 to make a euthanasia appointment.

putting a pet down_ euthanasia_saying goodbye to pet cat.JPG
  • On the day, you need to sign a consent form

  • Some pets will receive mild sedation

  • You can choose to stay with your pet or leave them with our compassionate team

Taking responsibility for a pain-free, peaceful end to life is the kindest act an owner can do for a loved pet. Euthanasia is carried out by injecting an overdose of an anesthetic usually into the vein of the front leg. A cannula will be placed in the forearm so there is access to a vein.
The euthanasia procedure is painless and unconsciousness follows within seconds. The heart will stop beating within a minute or two of the start of the injection.

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