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Vet visits

From a general health and wellbeing check, to investigating symptoms or injuries, we'll be delighted to give your pet the attention they deserve.

Please note with appointment times we do our best to run on schedule, however at times, emergencies or other delays happen, which can have a knock-on effect.


On the other hand, if you get delayed, it's no problem, but we'd grately appreciate a quick phone call so we can see another patient. Thank you for your help in the running of a smooth service for everyone.

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What to expect at a vet check-up

Check and update vaccinations

Check for parasites

Check pet’s weight

Check teeth are healthy

Check eyes look clear/healthy


Check internal organs


It is recommended that animals get a check-up at least once per year or more frequently if they have special medical needs and as they get older.


Regular visits play a huge part in preventing illness and identifying any newly emerging problems before they become serious.

On your first visit, we will upload you and your pet's details to our system where all history will be stored. Please be assured that we never share data with any third party without your consent.  


One of our highly trained vets will examine your pet from nose to tail and we will discuss things like changes in your pet's behavior or eating habits. We may make recommendations that might involve medications or further tests.

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