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To ensure sterility and anaesthesia safety, we have a dedicated operating room. We have also invested in the highest standard of equipment to ensure the best care for all our patients. 

Surgeries we perform in our hospital: neuter surgeries, wound surgeries, lump removals, eye surgeries and orthopaedic surgeries such as those dealing with cruciate ligaments, knee caps, dental and more.

From midnight

Please don't allow your pet to eat anything from 12am (midnight) the night before. Ensure your pet has no access to food: remember, dogs often open the treat cupboard and cats will go out and hunt food, (so keep cats in). Water can be freely given up until your appointment. NO BREAKFAST.

On the morning of surgery

Please allow yourself 15 minutes for admission. Make sure your pet has had a chance to go to the toilet before arrival. On admittance, your pet will be examined to check that no problem has arisen since we last examined them which could affect their tolerance to the anaesthetic.

You will be asked to sign a consent form - a legal document similar to human hospitals permitting us to give the anaesthetic. You can rest assured that your pet will be monitored closely throughout the procedure by our experienced staff as we use the latest monitoring technology on all surgery patients.

Immediately prior to surgery

Your pet will get a premedication injection, this is usually a sedative and some pain relief. This combination ensures that your pet will be relaxed and laid back although still awake and aware of their surroundings. Shortly after they will have a cannula inserted in the vein in their limb, through which we will give their anaesthetic injection. Throughout their operation, they will receive a gas anaesthetic through a tube in their main airway – using an ET tube - just like human surgery.

Surgery nurse

Patients are continually monitored by a nurse throughout surgery until they have recovered. Specialised high-tech equipment is used to monitor your pet’s health condition throughout the surgery providing continuous instant feedback on their health while under the anaesthetic. Afterwards patients are wrapped up warmly as they recover. We contact owners once surgery is complete and their pet is awake to let you know how it went. Owners will be given a time to collect their pet.

Home time

A member of our veterinary team will go through any discharge instructions including; bandage care, guidelines for feeding, exercise and more. We will explain what you should look out for. Some surgeries require a lampshade collar. If stitches are in place, we will make an appointment for your pet to have them removed.

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Please call if you've any concerns about surgery

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