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Microchipping is a permanent ID system, which involves injecting a tiny chip under the skin of your pet’s scruff and is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes.

  • Since 2016 it is the law that all dogs must be micro-chipped and registered on a government-approved database. Owners must provide proof of address and photo id to the vet or nurse in order to have their dog's microchip registered.

  • Each tiny microchip is encoded with a number - when you register your details on the microchip database this number will correspond to your pet’s details and your name, address and phone number.

  • If a lost pet arrives at the vet, pound, gardai, or rescue sanctuary, then a microchip scanner will identify the microchip number so the owner’s name and number can be seen on a database. The owner will then be contacted to let them know where their dog is.

  • Placing a microchip is a simple procedure, it's not expensive and 

    includes registration for life. It can be done at any age.

  • Please ensure that you register your details for the microchip.

  • We can check if your pet has ever been microchipped if you're not sure.

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Why microchip your pet

For dogs, it's the law, it’s a legal requirement

It's quick, affordable and painless

If your pet goes missing there is a better chance you will get it back

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