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X-ray. Scans. Bloods.

We offer a range of high-end diagnostic services here at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital which include radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, dentistry and surgery

We perform most tests in our hospital. However when we can't, we have a close affiliation with a leading European veterinary laboratory that we typically receive next day results from.

Diagnostic Imaging / X-ray

An x-ray helps to assess bone and organ structure.

Diagnostic Imaging / Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an excellent, non-invasive diagnostic tool for assessing the internal structure and tissue type of many of the body’s organs. It can be used to detect inflammation, abscesses, stones and tumours. It is also valuable in monitoring heart health and function.

Blood testing and laboratory facilities

In-house state of the art biochemistry analysers to assess internal organ function.


Utilised to examine skin scrapings, blood smears, aspirates, urine and cell deposits.

In-house microscopy

Utilised to test for feline leukaemia virus and feline aids virus, pancreatic lipase, parvovirus and fungal culture to check for ringworm.

Auroscope / ophthalmoscope

Used to accurately assess your pet's aural (ear) canal and to examine and assess the eye and its internal structures including the retina.

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