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Puppy classes

Tracy Barnes, our veterinary receptionist and qualified CBTT trainer takes the lead in an engaging puppy program

Owners and their puppies, up to 18 weeks old, embark on a journey of learning basic commands, disciplinary procedures, and the art of socialising with other dogs. Call us today to have your name added to our waiting list.


Here are some tips to get you started.


Reward good behaviour

Showing love with hugs and praise as well as tiny treats are a great way to encourage your dog to behave well.  


Keep it brief

When training, keep sessions short, otherwise the dog will loose interest. Just a few minutes a day, especially when starting out.


Do dog training sessions

If you find training your dog a daunting task, then try joining a training class or book a session with a dog trainer. This will help to train and socialise your dog and also help you to keep track of their progress.


Teach them tricks

Both you and your dog will get great pleasure out of simple tricks, like when you give commands for 'paw', 'sit', and they respond. Look online or join a training session to learn more.


Be consistant

Always be consistant so as not to confuse the dog and undo all your great work.


Accidents happen

Don't ever punish your dog as they don't understand punishment and it rarely has any beneficial effects. 

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