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World Spay Day

22nd February

National Spay Day reminds us why experts recommend

our pets get neutered.

Best time to neuter: We recommend neutering dogs and cats at 6

months of age. The pet will be admitted to hospital in the morning to

have surgery and will go home later the same day after

surgery. Anaesthetics and painkillers ensure minimal risk and discomfort.


Recovery: Female dogs and cats will have stitches which will stay in

place for ten days. They will either wear a body suit or an Elizabethan

collar for 10 days after surgery to stop them licking at the stitches.

Benefits for Female Dogs/Cats

  1. Prevents them coming into heat: You won't have to deal with bleeding or the need to keep them away from males (heat happens every 6-7 months lasting approx three weeks).  

  2. Prevents unwanted pregnancies: Thousands of unwanted animals are put to sleep in Ireland every year due to overpopulation.

  3. Substantially reduces mammary cancer.

  4. Prevents pyometra: a potentially life-threatening condition of the womb.

  5. Prevents false pregnancy: can cause behavioural problems.

  6. No benefit to having offspring: There is no scientific evidence that having puppies or kittens is of any benefit to pets. 


For your pet's wellbeing, please visit your vet once per year or more when they have health issues. Call us at Dublin, Palmerstown vets for an appointment 01 623 70 44 or click below.

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