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Traveling with your pet soon?

Summer is here and many people are thinking of holidays. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, lizard or rabbit, considering who will care for them can take a lot of planning. In recent years more people are taking their pets on holidays with them.

There has been a massive increase in pet-friendly accommodations, cafes and restaurants making travelling with pets easier. Dogs do well on holidays as they are particularly adaptable to new environments when they have their family with them. To ensure both you and your pet have a stress-free break, careful planning is essential. We'll try to cover everything from cost to packing and passports and reasons why you may or may not want to bring your pet along.


The cost: Everything from pet-friendly accommodations, vet health checks, vaccinations, flights, suitable carriers (some airlines can be very strict on this), pet travel fees, insurance and passports all add up quickly. However, you will no doubt weigh this up against the cost of leaving pets behind if you need to pay a pet sitter or boarding kennels. Don't forget that all dogs and cats must have their yearly vaccinations and their parasite treatments up to date in order to be allowed to stay at boarding kennels.Stress: Dogs are great with new environments, cats and rabbits less so! The journey to your holiday destination may be a little stressful for your dog especially if it is a mode of transport your pet is not used to - ferry/ plane. We can offer calming supplements to your pet to ease the stress involved. The good news is that these journeys are usually short and over quickly and fast forgotten by your pet once at the holiday destination. You can practice by letting them spend time in their pet carriers or taking them on extended car trips.


Health: If you're going to a foreign destination, your pet may require a health check with your vet 2-4 days before travel and their passport signed and stamped. Your pet may also need a health check at a vets in the foreign destination before they travel home. Research the destination for vets and make a health check appointment.


Logistics: Consider your destination with regard to pet-friendly accommodations, tourist attractions, cafes and restaurants. It might put a damper on your holiday if the whole family cannot do things together if your pet is not allowed to join in.

By planning ahead and packing wisely, you can ensure that bringing your pet on holiday is a fun experience for you, your pet and others on holiday too.


Pet Passports: All pets travelling outside of Ireland must have a pet passport. All dogs must be microchipped and be vaccinated against rabies. They will need a health check too prior to travelling. Expect to pay up to €250 with everything that is involved.


Food and Water: Bring enough food for the trip/ or at least until you can get to a shop to purchase more. Don’t forget water and portable bowls.

Comfort Items: Bring your pet’s bed/blanket and favourite toys to make them feel at home.


Treats and Chews: To keep your pet occupied during the journey.

  Medications: Pack your pet's medications, plus a basic first aid kit.


Leash and Harness: Essential for walks and safety. Bring a spare set too.


Waste Bags: To clean up poops.


Pet Seatbelt: For safe travelling. 

Travel Carrier: A sturdy, comfortable travel carrier that meets airline regulations if you’re flying. 

Towels: For any accidents or muddy paws. 

GPS Tracker: A tracker on your pet’s collar can provide peace of mind in case they get lost.

A further note on Pet Passports

Each country has its own specific requirements set by the Department of Agriculture or similar governing bodies. As every country is different, we encourage our clients to research and familiarise themselves with the precise regulations of their destination country. 


Remember regulations may change over time and from country to country. Therefore, we encourage all pet owners to conduct thorough research and contact the appropriate authorities.


Wishing you and your pet safe travels and happy holidays!


Warm regards,

The PVH Team  Visit us

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