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New puppy / dog top tips

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Whether you have a puppy, an adult or a senior dog NOW is the best time to get the basics in place. From here, both you and your new pet can have a great life together.

First Step:

  • Register your dog with a local vet. Check out websites or social media pages to see the practice, the veterinary team and the services they offer. You can also check reviews. Another way to find an excellent local practice is to ask other dog owners in your area. Perhaps you have friends or family who visit a vet clinic, so look for a recommendation.

  • Once you choose your Veterinary Practice, make an appointment to see the vet. This gives you a chance to meet the veterinary team and introduce them to your new companion. As well as weighing your dog, the vet can provide a thorough health check and make sure your dog has everything they need, to remain healthy and happy.

Speak to your vet about:

  • Your dog's vaccination status – are they protected and up to date with this?

  • Parasite treatment – there are a variety of internal and external parasites that ALL dogs need to be protected against.

  • Microchip – your dog should be microchipped, as it is the Law. But make sure you are now the registered owner.

  • Pet Health Plan – Health Plans save you money and spread the cost of pet care over the year, making it more affordable.

  • Pet Insurance – this different to Health Plans and covers accidents.

  • Diet – most vets sell a veterinary formulated food and can advise you on the best diet for YOUR dog.

  • Dental Health – there is at-home dental care you can provide for your dog. They may also need a dental procedure.

  • Overall health – a physical exam will be performed and if diagnostic tests are needed e.g. blood tests, your vet can perform them and make a plan with you.

New pet owners are always welcome too and we offer free first visit to have your puppy or kitten checked with a veterinary nurse. We are happy to help with any aspect of your pet's care.

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