Top Tips to get your pet safely through Christmas

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October 11, 2018
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December 20, 2018

Christmas can be a stressful time for our pets with strange lights and decorations, houses become a lot louder as there are people coming and going, new smells and noises.

Keep your pets relaxed with our holiday season tips:


  • Avoid giving any unusual treats or people food including any Christmas leftovers – turkey bones can case choking. Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolate are all poisonous to our pets too.
  • Be aware of toxic Christmas plants and keep them out of your pets reach. Holly and mistletoe, along with their berries, are poisonous to our pets.
  • Ensure all cables are well protected, a strong cable guard will protect them from our pets that feel like having a quick nibble.

  • Keep Christmas decorations away from curious paws. Our pets will see our Christmas decorations as toys so instead buy your pet a new toy that is safe for pets – and indestructible, such as Kong toys or scratching posts
  • Ask visitors to give your pet some space. Instead of rubbing your pet to make friends, ask guests to give your pet one of their treats that you have prepared as part of their daily food ration.
  • Be mindful of nervous pets. Christmas is a time for visitors so make sure your pet has a quiet area where they can hide. Products such as Adaptil and Feliway can help in these stressful situations.
  • Don’t forget our pets like presents too! A new scratching post or a new puzzle game for your pet to unwrap will be very much appreciated and also keep them distracted while you open you all your nice presents.

We want to wish you and your family (and furry family) a very Happy Christmas, from the PVH team.

Thank you for choosing us to look after your pets throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!



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