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June 2, 2018
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It’s that time of year when we are all planning our summer holidays and for pet owners there are some added things to think about.

Whether your pet is travelling with you or boarding in a pet hotel, our vet Susan Barry has put together some tips for you:


  • Before you travel with your pet you will need to ensure that they are microchipped. They will also need a pet passport and a rabies vaccination if they are leaving the country. We can help with all of these things! A couple of days before you travel, your pet will also need a final health check with our vet, where they will receive a health certificate.


  • Your pet will need to be up to date with their vaccinations before boarding in kennels or a cattery. Dogs will also need to be covered for canine cough and you will need a vaccination card to show this. We can provide this for you if you have misplaced yours.


  • Your pet will also need to be up to date with their parasite treatment before they travel. It is also a good idea to protect them with a treatment if they are boarding in kennels or a cattery, this will ensure they won’t bring any unwelcome visitors home with them. If you are unsure as to what product is best for your pet, talk to us and we can help!


  • If your pet finds it stressful to travel or if they are going on their own holidays to a kennels or cattery, there is help at hand. There are a variety of Pheromone therapies that can help to comfort and reduce any anxiety your pet may be experiencing. Just pop in to us and we can recommend the best product for your pet.


  • If your pet is staying in a kennels or cattery it can help to take a little piece of home with them. Familiar bedding, food and water bowls, or maybe a favourite toy or teddy. You can also leave a piece of your own clothing with them, this will provide a sense of familiarity that can help to reduce any stress experienced.


And finally……..Happy Holidays!

We are always on hand at Palmerstown veterinary hospital to answer your queries and give advice.

You can pop in to us or call us on 01 6237044, we are happy to help.

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