Emma Torsney

Emma Torsney

Veterinary Receptionist

Emma started off my career in nursing, working in healthcare for 5 years before deciding to change her career path. Emma has always loved animals, especially exotics, so she knew working with them was the direction she wanted to go in. While working in healthcare Emma studied online, gaining qualifications in animal care and management, veterinary support assistant and wildlife rehabilitation.

Emma has two dogs, Bella, a cocker spaniel and Freddie, a chihuahua. She also have 10 exotics including snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises. Focusing on education and conservation of exotic animals is where Emma's interest lies. Emma tries to give her animals spacious enclosure that mimic their natural regions in the wild.

Outside of her animals, Emma spends a lot of time with family and close friends. She also likes to cook and play sports, particularly rugby.



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