Spring Dangers – Keep your Pet Safe

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February 24, 2021

Spring time is here and with it comes new beginnings, longer days and the murmurings of Summer. However, it also brings some dangers for our pets, so we put together some top tips to keep your pet safe.


Lillies are incredibly beautiful flowers and often part of larger flower arrangements, particularly at this time of the year. But, ‘true’ lilies are extremely poisonous to our cats. Every part of the flower is toxic (including the water in the vase) and ingestion can lead to kidney problems. If you are concerned that your cat may have access to lilies, then do not hesitate to call your vet.




Easter eggs…..are so yummy and no doubt your Easter weekend will be chocolate filled. However, keep any chocolate out of reach from your pets. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine and this is what is toxic to our pets. Ingestion of chocolate can lead to gastrointestinal problems and can even be fatal. If your pet eats chocolate, call your vet as soon as possible as they will need to treat your pet.




Spring time sees a lot of slug pellets being laid in the garden but these can be incredibly toxic to our pets if they eat them. There is an active ingredient in these pellets called metaldehyde and this what is poisonous, even in small amounts, and can lead to seizures. If you are worried that your pet may have eaten even one pellet, do not hesitate to call your vet.




Xylitol is a sweetener that is found in lots of sweet treats. If our dogs ingest this it can cause their blood sugar to drop and may seriously affect their liver. So keep any sweet treats to yourself and out of reach of your pet.





Easter ribbons are often used to play with our cats and can be great fun but be careful. We don’t want your cat to eat the ribbon as this can have serious consequences if they swallow them as they can get lodged in their intestines and it may mean surgery to remove it. So remember to supervise you cat when they play with ribbons or string (maybe best to remove the string though)!




We want to wish you a Happy Easter…we hope the Easter Bunny is good to you all.

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