Puppy Course

Puppy course

The most important period in your puppy’s life is between the ages of 8-18 weeks. It is at this age that their personality and social skills are developed. The skills and behaviour habits they learn at this stage will be with them for the rest of their lives so it is vital to socialise and train them in the correct manner. Puppy classes are run in our Palmerstown hospital. The classes run for three weeks with approximately six puppies in each class. Introducing a puppy into your life can be a fantastic experience; they bring endless entertainment into your home. However, at times it can be hard to determine the best way to train your puppy. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when progress is not being made as fast as one would hope. Our classes enable owners to better understand their puppies and learn how to decode their actions to determine what each behaviour means, which in turn leads to easier training. Eliminating unwanted behaviour in young puppies is always achievable regardless of the circumstance.

The objectives of the three week course include:

  • Socialisation – both with people and other dogs
  • Habituation – introduction into different environments
  • Toilet training
  • Bite inhibition
  • Command training
  • Owner education
  • Understanding body language
  • Prevention of common behaviour problems
  • Feeding and exercise
  • Fun, playful experience for your puppies



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