Pet Health Plans – save money and spread the cost

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December 20, 2018
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March 21, 2019

PVH are delighted to announce that we are now offering health plans for dogs and cats.

Pet Health Plans can help you to save money and spread the cost.


Here at Palmerstown veterinary hospital we believe in a proactive, preventative approach to your pet’s healthcare. We know how important their health is to you and we want to keep them happy and healthy for longer.

A Pet Health Plan will help to protect your pet and your family against preventable diseases by ensuring that your pet’s vaccinations, parasite control and general health are up to date. By having regular check ups and an early diagnosis of any potential health issues we can help your pet to live a long and happy life.

A Health Plan will cover the expected, routine treatments that your pet needs throughout the year, like vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatment, health checks – the things that pet insurance does not cover.



Our plans deliver quality veterinary care for a low monthly cost. They are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages, even if they have an existing health problem.

You get peace of mind knowing you are proactively monitoring your pet’s health, while getting the best value in pet care.



Contact us on 01 6237044 to get more information, or to have any questions answered.

Alternatively you can sign up directly here: Pet Health Plans




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