Is your rabbit vaccinated against RHDV2?

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September 6, 2018
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October 11, 2018

What is RHDV2?

RHDV2 (Rabbit haemorrhagic Viral Disease 2) is a new strain of rabbit haemorrhagic disease which has been identified in Ireland. There were cases previously recorded in Co Cork and closer to home in Co. Wicklow. However, there have been new reports of rabbits contracting this disease in Dublin too.

How can my bunny get this disease?

This disease is thought to have originated in wild rabbits however, the virus can survive in harsh environmental conditions and is difficult to kill. Infection is easily transmitted by direct or indirect contact with infected rabbits and biting insects. It can also be brought into your home by indirect contact, for example, if you, your dog or your cat has walked on ground where an infected rabbit has been. The virus can be carried into the home on your clothes and your pets can carry it on their fur or feet.

If my bunny lives indoors, can they still get this disease?

Both indoor AND outdoor rabbits are at risk.

How can I protect my bunny?

There is now a vaccination available at PVH to protect your rabbit from this disease.

We have been organising rabbit vaccination clinics here at PVH but as the vaccination was only available in a 10 dose vial, we had to schedule 10 bunnies in one day for vaccination.

However, we had great news this week, the vaccination is now available in single doses so we can book your bunny in for any day and time that suits you.

Will this vaccination cover RHDV1 and Myxomatosis?

Your rabbit will still need their annual vaccination against RHDV1 and Myxomatosis, and this should be given 2 weeks apart from the RHDV2 vaccination.


Call us on 01 6237044 if you would like to book your rabbit in for this vaccination or book online here.





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